What Our Residents and Families Say

One of the best ways to understand our devotion to quality healthcare is to listen to our Residents and families.

I’ve been here for about 2 years. I have stage 3-4 renal disease and I’m on a renal diet. The dietary department knows just what I can have, and what I can’t have. They help me stay off of dialysis! The aides are courteous and friendly. I like Bingo! I won $5 yesterday! I can buy a few treats from the vending machine when I want to!  

- P.Schroeder

I’ve been here for a while now and I love all the nurses! I also have the best room! It’s right near the hallway and not far to the dining room, it’s really easy! I have potted roses in my window and they love it! I miss my family, but I like it here!

- S. Sovar

My favorite things about Edwardsville Care Center are the nurses and CNA’s. They are so nice and helpful. They always seem to be in a good mood!

- J. Williams

The first few months here were really hard. It was hard to leave my family, but when I arrived, everyone made me feel so welcome, I adjusted quickly. My family can visit too so that helps. My favorite nurses are Connie and Candace, they take an interest in my history and really care about my situation.

D. Byrne

I was living at home but could not take care of myself anymore. I tried a home close to my house, but that just didn’t work out. I decided tocome to Edwardsville Care Center, and I’m happy I did. The therapydepartment is great, and the CNA’s and nurses are too.
P. Schroeder

I have been here three times! My wife was here first, and they took good care of her, so when I needed help, I chose Edwardsville CareCenter. I would not go anywhere else. I just decided last week that I amgoing to sell my house and just stay here. I love it!
H. Daum

The staff at ECC are wonderful people! Maintenance and housekeeping are often overlooked but do a great job! Staff members do the hard work of caring for the residents even through the hardship of COVID. They put themselves on the line for the vulnerable! Thanks!
V. York