I sat down with a resident and asked her to tell me your story. So sit back and listen.

In April 2016 a resident by the name Cynthia Pulley arrived in our facility. Cynthia was on Hospice and came to us from the hospital. She had previously been at another Nursing Home facility.  Cynthia states “I came here to die; I had no hope and didn’t care”.

After a couple months’ of encouragement from two of her favorite CNA’s on her hall, (Diane and Wanda) she started to have hope and started praying to have another chance. Little by little she started to do more on her own. She then started working with our restorative therapy department. Step by step she built her strength. She was able to start feeding herself, able to get around a little with a walker and a wheel chair.

The next step was to come off Hospice. This was a giant step for Cynthia. She started participating in social events, coming out for meals and encouraging other resident to keep going.

Now this month Cynthia is going home. She is so excited. We will miss her but, this is truly a testament to never give up and keep fighting. Good luck CYNTHIA.