Customer Service Superstar | Barb Tanksley

Let us introduce you to our Super Star nominee for the month. BarbTanksley. Barb is our Care Plan Coordinator. She has been with us for 17 years in her position. She came to us from another facility that closed. Barb started out in this business in the restorative therapy area. She will tell you that a big part of her love for this industry will always lie with restorative therapy. Barb is the face behind the scenes that residents and family members only see when its time for Care Plan meetings. Little do they know Barb spends her day reviewing charts on our residents checking on changes in condition, both mentally and physical. She checks if there is a difference in their appetite, the actions to their surroundings and numerous other everyday actions of our residents.

Barb then takes action in correction of daily care plans through charting and meeting with family through care plans. This is the time she meets with loved ones and residents to discuss progress and plans. Her position goes unnoticed frequently by many because she is not always as visible as some other positions, but she is so critical in the impact of her assessments and care plans for our residents to function and keep families involved with their loved ones life.

Barb has 2 children Ronnie Stacy. Along with 11 Grandchildren, not to forget her fur babies?. In her time away from work she loves to work in her yard with her flowers. We often see Barb walking, taking in the fresh air on her lunch hour.

In January of this coming year Barb is retiring. To replace her position will be a Tall order to fill. We want her to know she is our Super Star and will be missed every day at our home by all.